Based in Melbourne, CACHIA are delivering the best night’s sleep via their range of trendy sleep & loungewear designed to keep you #comfywithCACHIA

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Founded in 2017 by media personality Sophie Cachia and entrepreneur Leah Betts, CACHIA was built on the principle that they wanted to create the trends rather than follow them, design the comfiest sleep and loungewear available and keep the prices affordable so that more people can enjoy the range. These principles paid off with the company growing quickly and becoming very successful.

The CACHIA brand is now well-established with a strong community of customers and brand advocates that help maintain a strong word-of-mouth pull for the brand while they look for continued opportunities for growth.

The challenge

As the CACHIA brand grew the costs associated with attracting and retaining customers increased. Ecom Nation was brought in to review, and then optimise, customer acquisition and retention through:

  • Complete redesign and rebuild of the Email Marketing setup, including the migration into Klaviyo, to create a closer connection with existing customers and provide a better brand experience for new customers
  • Restructure of existing Paid Media platforms to provide a more holistic funnel approach that leverages the strengths of individual platforms
  • Capatalise on strong organic performance to launch a Tik Tok ads within the newly developed Paid Media strategy

Our approach

Consistency facilitates the omnichannel model

Our review of the CACHIA Email Marketing and Paid Media platforms highlighted that they did not facilitate cross-platform experiences and were instead aiming to optimise each channel in isolation. Given that this is not how users behave online or engage with brands it presented the best opportunity to think more holistically about the customer experience.

The aim was to create a level of consistency so that users attracted by a GoogleAd, nurtured in an Instagram ad, warmed by email marketing and engaged in post-sales communications would find the experience to be frictionless.

By improving the consistency across channels and monitoring performance holistically it was our expectation that new customers would be acquired more easily and existing customers would engage more often.

The results

  • Following the migration of Email Marketing into the Klaviyo platform we have achieved a steady increase in performance with total placed order values rising by more than 320% in flows alone.
  • Our holistic omnichannel approach to marketing saw an increase in total orders of 44% and the store conversion rate by 20% in Q4 compared to Q3 of 2022 while marketing efficiency and customer acquisition costs remained steady.
  • Across all channels we can see the marketing activity has become significantly more efficient with Shopify reporting sales attributed to marketing activity increasing by over 30% in the second half of 2022.

Client testimonial

"Ecom Nation have been great to work with and they have spent the time to understand our brand and our customers. We are invested in the customer experience from the first moment and it is great working with a team that are on the same page."

"Building Tik Tok into our overall marketing efforts is already showing great results. The team have a great understanding of this platform and we can see a lot of opportunity as we pursue it further."

Aleyna Dogan | Social Media & Marketing Manager, CACHIA