Workout Meals

Real Food, Real Results. Workout Meals is a NSW-based meal prep and delivery service focusing on the health and exercise world to support their customers with the best nutrition to support their fitness journey.

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Workout Meals was one of the first meal prep companies in Australia to identify a gap in the market for nutritional and delicious calorie-controlled meal options that could be delivered directly to customers and support their exercise and fitness journeys. From this vision, and with no initial experience in meal or food preparation to speak of, the company has grown to now support health and fitness focussed customers all over Australia.

Competing with the big players in the space that have sprung up around them presents its own challenges but Workout Meals continues to innovate. New meals, packages and subscription options are launched regularly and the team has even extended their reach to develop an online and all-encompassing healthy workout system, WM360, that is based on providing access to real trainers who can work with customers one-on-one to pursue fitness goals such as losing weight, toning or building muscle – all grounded on a foundation of nutritious, good tasting food to fuel your workout.

The challenge

Workout Meals had stopped actively growing and were at risk of losing ground to competitors in market. Following an audit of performance, Ecom Nation set out to:

  • Rebuild the Email Marketing flows to deliver improved customer support post-purchase
  • Help track and better understand the subscription cycle to allow better timing of order replenishment prompts across all channels
  • Strategically develop a new customer acquisition approach that communicated brand values to build lasting impressions

Our approach

Develop a brand and own the space

In a market where there is little to prevent customers from hopping from company to company as new joining offers appear the name of the game is retention. We wanted to make Workout Meals as sticky as possible so that existing customers had no reason to leave while new customers could be added to the growing list of weekly orders.

A joining offer does not make a loyal customer - great tasting meals, top quality customer service and effective communication deliver a great first impression and then give customers every reason to stay with Workout Meals long-term, exploring the benefits of the various meal plans or even jump into the more intensive WM360 program.

The results

  • Working closely with the team at Workout Meals Ecom Nation has helped to revitalise the brand, arrest subscriber attrition and grow revenue by over 25% in Q3 of 2022 over Q2.
  • Email Marketing has led the way with flow and campaign activity designed to engage customers and make them more likely to replenish their orders. Flow revenue alone doubled while open and click rates were maintained at a healthy 35% and 8%, respectively.
  • Workout Meals had a string brand when they approached Ecom Nation, but was not making enough of the connection to 'Real'. A subtle but important shift in communications has pushed the importance of 'Real' with their customers and resulted in a new mantra across all communications, Real Ingredients, Real Food, Real Results.

Client testimonial

"We have been working closely now with the team at Ecom Nation for a few months now and we are really happy with the results."

"The team have taken the time to learn about our brand, our products and how we are different - then turned these into a structured approach on which to base all aspects of our marketing."

Tomi Jurlina | Founder, Workout Meals