URSafeRite is a proudly Australian, independent family business supplying trades and worksites across the country with the best products and advice in safety. Seeing an opportunity to expand their B2B operations into B2C territory, Ecom Nation was brought on board to help craft the user experience and then help expand reach through a combination of paid and organic channels.

  • Email Marketing
  • Paid Media Management
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Social Media
  • UX & Graphic Design
  • Website Development & Maintenance


As an established name in safety, particularly along the east coast, URSafeRite saw an opportunity to pivot into eCommerce and work with individual customers to supply the best products available alongside expert advice in the safety sector. To help with this repositioning, Ecom Nation started with a redesign of the Shopify website to display products better and make them easier to discover.

Following the redevelopment, Ecom Nation has worked closely with URSafeRite to develop growth strategies encompassing both organic and paid channels aimed at scaling the business and reaching new audiences across Australia.

The challenge

A successful pivot into B2C eCommerce alongside the existing B2B business needed some clear objectives:

  • Significant improvement in website design and performance
  • Implementation of earned channel marketing strategies - like post purchase email marketing
  • Expand national brand reach

Our approach

Expert led safety sector strategies, implemented in eCommerce

URSafeRite's big competitive advantage is their expert advice and capacity for customer service. This needed to be extended through the website and marketing channels to ensure new audience could relate to and trust the brand.

The early emphasis was on making the website as user-friendly as possible, with lots of product information delivered to users without overwhelming them. As users move through the purchasing journey they are provided timely information related to stock availability, delivery timings and upgrade options to improve the overall shopping experience.

With the website update Email Marketing, Social Media and Paid Media strategies were subsequently activated to generate brand awareness and draw more leads to the site.

The results

  • 2022Q1 website visitation is up over 20% while orders are up over 60% compared to 2021Q4
  • Increased sales performance has been mainttained alongside the increased website visitation with conversion rates up 46% in 2022Q1
  • Paid media has been developed so it will scale sustainably, in 2022Q1 budgets have increased by 20% resulting in a 59% increase in conversions while also seeing a 30% reduction in the cost per conversion

Client testimonial

“The team at Ecom Nation have been fantastic at guiding us through the development of our B2C interface. Their help in implementing the marketing and advertising side of the work has allowed us to focus on the operations side and delivering the best possible products for our customers.”

– Chris Okill | Chief Executive Officer, URSafeRite