Founded in 2017 by media personality Sophie Cachia and entrepreneur Leah Betts, CACHIA was built on the principle that they wanted to create the trends rather than follow them, design the comfiest sleep and loungewear available and keep the prices affordable so that more people can enjoy the range. These principles paid off with the company growing quickly and becoming very successful.

The CACHIA brand is now well-established with a strong community of customers and brand advocates that help maintain a strong word-of-mouth pull for the brand while they look for continued opportunities for growth.

Workout Meals


Workout Meals was one of the first meal prep companies in Australia to identify a gap in the market for nutritional and delicious calorie-controlled meal options that could be delivered directly to customers and support their exercise and fitness journeys. From this vision, and with no initial experience in meal or food preparation to speak of, the company has grown to now support health and fitness focussed customers all over Australia.

Competing with the big players in the space that have sprung up around them presents its own challenges but Workout Meals continues to innovate. New meals, packages and subscription options are launched regularly and the team has even extended their reach to develop an online and all-encompassing healthy workout system, WM360, that is based on providing access to real trainers who can work with customers one-on-one to pursue fitness goals such as losing weight, toning or building muscle – all grounded on a foundation of nutritious, good tasting food to fuel your workout.



Coming online during 2021, Bevmart needed to bring onboard assistance to help secure a foothold quickly in the Australian spirits market. Ecom Nation was brought on to provide end-to-end marketing and eCommerce support during the critical launch period and then help transition the brand for growth and scale.

From strategic support behind the scenes to the implementation of customer-facing design and marketing strategies, Ecom Nation has helped lift Bevmart to its current market position and is now poised to take the brand even further.



As an established name in safety, particularly along the east coast, URSafeRite saw an opportunity to pivot into eCommerce and work with individual customers to supply the best products available alongside expert advice in the safety sector. To help with this repositioning, Ecom Nation started with a redesign of the Shopify website to display products better and make them easier to discover.

Following the redevelopment, Ecom Nation has worked closely with URSafeRite to develop growth strategies encompassing both organic and paid channels aimed at scaling the business and reaching new audiences across Australia.